Janet Soury

A certified tax consultant and expert on international and individual taxation. Soury speaks five languages, is a speaker and lecturer, manages a professional forum on behalf of the Institute of Tax Consultants in Israel, as well as the tax and tax returns forum for the leading Israeli web portal Tapuz Anashim.

Saar & Soury, it’s a pleasure to meet

We established Saar & Soury Tax Solutions, with the intent to readily guide investors, businesses,company owners, and public-sector entities through the intricacies of taxation and finance.
We harness the knowledge, experience, and expertise we have accumulated over the past 20 years to maximize, year after year, tax benefits for over 500 clients.
Also, we make it a point to keep up and stay on top ofthe constantly changing and evolving laws and regulations.

The scope of knowledge and expertise each partner brings to the table complements and enhances synergy and provides for a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts – the range of professional, meticulous, and thorough tax, tax-related, and financial services.

    Tamir Saar

    A certified CPA and owner at Tamir Saar & Co. Formerly a civil servant at the Israel Tax Authority, Saar holds more than 20 years’ experience in accounting for privately-held as well as public-sector companies. Also, he is a speaker in various forums on tax and an expert in contractor taxation and on matters related to the Israel Law for the Encouragement of Capital Investments.

    Personalized accounting, financial, tax, and business strategy

    Carefully considering the needs of our clients, the circumstances and phase, or stage of a business or a company, Saar & Soury’s team comprises professionals from a rainbow of disciplines providing the breadth and depth of personalized, professional services and strategy. We offer smart planning before opening a company or starting a business as well as hold knowhow, talent, and skill which augment creative solutions as we seamlessly overcome local and global tax, investment, and financial management challenges.

    Firm Departments at a Glance

    The partners and leaders, Janet and Tamir, closely supervise, direct, advise, and over see the team and individual work of fifteen experts among them accountants, tax consultants, and bookkeepers all under one roof.

    Audit for Companies*

    Our auditors are accomplished accountants, and the department specializes in the audit of financial reports for privately-held and public-sector companies.Services include quarterly reviewed financial statements, reports in English, special reports, as well as consulting and financial services.

    * The audit department, headed By CPA Tamir Saar, is a separate legal entity and part of Tamir Saar & Co.The department’s conduct and practice adhere to the CPAs professional guidelines,andcode of ethics.

    Tax Advisory

    The Tax advisory department covers the range of local and global tax solutions for self-employed individuals and companies. Services include personal tax statements, capital gains statements, registration with tax authorities and opening files, taxpayer representation, voluntary disclosure procedures, tax and business planning.


    The bookkeeping department provides services in both Hebrew and English for self-employed individuals and for companies. Services include unilateral and double-entry bookkeeping, payrolls, as well as continues, timely, accurate reporting to the tax authorities.

    Accounting Services

    Tax Advisory and Consulting

    Relocation / Expatriating

    Bookeeping in Hebrew and English

    Annual Tax Return

    Statement of Assets

    Registration and Opening Files at Tax Authorities

    Returning Residents and New Immigrants

    Foreign-earned and Unearned Income

    Trust Income Tax Return

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